Extrinsic Fixator

Extrinsic Fixator Assisted Extension;

It can be done with 2 basic extension devices.

A – The first of these is the ILIZAROV EXTERNAL FIXATOR (Ring extension device). It is the method described by the Russian physician Gavril Abramovich Ilizarov in the 1950s. It is popularly known as the ring method.

FIGURE 1. Extension by the Ilizarov method


Although curvature correction can be made with the Ilizarov method, it is not widely used in cosmetic lengthening due to skin problems, risk of infection, roughness of the instrument and patient incompatibility. It can carry full load.


B – The second external fixation and extension method is MONOLATERAL EXTERNAL FIXATOR (one-sided extension device). The extension with this method has the same principles as the ilizarov method. However, the more gentle form of the device increases patient compliance much more. Skin problems and the risk of infection are much less. Today, due to these advantages, it has become a common method for external lengthening surgeries. It can carry full load.

FIGURE2. Lengthening with the monolateral (one-sided) extension device method