Precice, Fitbone

  • Extension with Closed System (Precice, Fitbone)

This method is known as the closed method. It is made using a nail placed in the marrow cavity of the bone. Since the marrow only works actively in the spine and pelvis, except in childhood, this method does not harm blood production. Two generations of nails are available. In the 1st generation, the motorized system is used, in the second generation, the magnetic extendable rod system is used. Custom production is made. With the help of special tools, elongation is provided by stimulating the nail from the outside. In this method, since it can be applied closed, skin problems are very few and aesthetic results are close to perfect. The risk of infection is negligible. The biggest disadvantages of this method are their inability to carry full load due to sensitive elongation mechanisms and their high cost.

FIGURE3. Extension with the closed system extension device method