Stryde Method

It is known that Precice 2.2 is the most successful, safe and comfortable method used all over the world and even in the most developed countries. Now we are pleased to introduce the Precice Stryde nail, superior in many respects, by the same company.

In this article, we will focus on the similarities between the two methods and the aspects that make the Stryde nail different.

Similar features between Precice 2 and Stryde:

  • Both nails are systems that are applied completely inside the leg (internal).
  • Lengthening is more comfortable and less painful than other methods.
  • The extension mechanisms are the same.

However, we can say that the Stryde nail has many features that eliminate the disadvantages of the Precice 2 nail.


Differences between Precice 2 and Stryde:

  • The Stryde nail is made of titanium and a stronger and more durable raw material than Precice.
  • The most important difference is: The Precice 2 system cannot bear the full weight of the patient during the lengthening period, and crutches are required for single-leg extension and a wheelchair is required for two-leg extensions. Stryde can carry the full weight of the patient. Crutches are needed only for the first few weeks, and then the patient can walk without support.
  • Blood thinners are not needed in the Stryde method
  • The Precice sytrde nail is about 2 times more expensive than the Precice 2 nail, and therefore the prices can be doubled. You can learn the price information from the doctors you want to have surgery by being examined.

As can be seen from the above information, the Stryde nail is designed to remove the disadvantages of the Precice nail and to give the patient greater mobility. Currently, the disadvantage of the Stryde nail is its limited use worldwide.

Precice Stryde is currently only used in a few countries. One of them is; Turkey.

If your budget is limited, you can also review the extension methods below for yourself.

Precice 2

It is the most advanced and comfortable technique used today and is applied by many doctors in our country. Its main disadvantage is the high cost and the inability to bear the weight of the patient during the post-operative extension period.


Combined Method

It is the most preferred bone lengthening technique in Turkey because the device removal time is 3-4 months and the prices are more affordable than completely internal systems.



The monolateral (unilateral) method is designed to eliminate the disadvantages of the ilizarov technique.



It is the first known bone lengthening method and today its developed version is applied even in bone curvature and comminuted fractures, including lengthening surgery.